Willy Walt File Preperation

Question: What if I am using images that already exist or have been created?

Answer: You should gather all of your pictures and images for your file at 300DPI and the actual size that it will be used in your design. A common mistake is that most people make is that they get their logo or images from a website which is usually saved at 72DPI. DPI stands for “dots per inch” which means that there are physically only 72 dots that can be counted for every inch within that image. So when you print something in 72DPI it will look blurry, faded, and distorted.

Question: Can I add resolution to my images or pictures?

Answer: No, this is another common mistake. People think that they can take an image that they scanned at 300DPI and simply enlarge it by 300% to fit their design.  This will leave the image looking blurry, faded, and distorted. Also if you are scanning something that is not 300DPI and simply saving it at 300DPI it will still look blurry, faded, and distorted.

Question: What if I am scanning images or pictures?

Answer: If you are scanning your pictures or images you should make sure that the original is of good quality, the size that you will use (or larger), 300DPI and saved as an .eps or .tif file format for the best quality. A common mistake when scanning is that people use an image that is not 300DPI and save it at 300DPI. They think that this will be alright but, it will still leave your image or pictures looking blurry, faded, and distorted.

Question: Do I need to convert my files from RGB to CMYK before I send them to you?

Answer:Yes. You should be doing this before you begin creating anything to be printed anyway to avoid a color shift within your file. If you begin designing in CMYK mode you will not have to convert you files later. If you are not sure ask us for help or we can do it for you.




Question: How can I make sure that my file will look like it does on my computer?

Answer:It will never look like it did on your computer. Your computer displays colors in a RGB format and we print in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black/”4 Color”, “Full Color”). There will be a color shift when you see your printed piece which can make it look between 10-20% darker.

Question: Do I need to send you my fonts?

Answer: No, you should have your fonts embedded in your file before you send it to us and you will be able to see an online proof before printing.

Question: Can I use colored text?

Answer: Yes but, it should be a minimum of 14PT to use color on text. You should never use CMYK to create black fonts. All black fonts should be a solid black and a minimum of 10PT to print crisp and clear. If you use color fonts (includes 4 color black) with less than 14PT font you may end up with a little “ghosting” or “halo” around your font. The same thing you would see if you crossed your eyes.

Question: If I am using a picture or image as a background image can I put text on it?

Answer: Yes but, you should be very careful to make that you can clearly read it without any doubt whatsoever. Remember your file will never look like it does on your monitor because your monitor displays colors in RGB and we print in CMYK which may make your file up to 20% darker which can make the text impossible to read. If you have any questions or doubts just send it to us and we will check it out.

Question: Do I need bleeds and if so what are they?

Answer:You do not need to add any additional size to your file that would be traditionally considered bleed. However, it is important that you keep any critical text or images (things you do not want cut off) away from all of the edges ¼ inch of your file.

Question: Can I make sure that I have done everything correctly?

Answer:Sure, after you have read everything and you are still not sure just send us your file and we can check it out for you. We can’t check your file for grammatical or number error, sorry.

Question: I'm Not Sure We Can Print From Your File?

Answer: If you are not sure that your file will work, you can send it to us and we will examine it to see if there are any major flaws that would prevent us from printing your job.

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