Willy Walt, Inc. Mailing Services

Our mailing equipment is under the same roof as our presses.

This saves you a tremendous amout of time and money. Now there's no more waiting for couriers or shipping of your Products from your printing press to your mail house.

Mailing Services are only a 7 cents with a $100 minimum.

What do mailing services include:

Send us your mailing list (or purchase one from us) and we will:

  • Process it with specialized software from the US Postal Service. The software will:

    • Standardize your addresses: 123 Main STREET becomes 123 Main St.

    • Correct your addresses: 123 Main becomes 123 N. Main St.

    • Add the correct Zip+4 AND Postnet Barcode (The barcode allows you to get a bigger discount on your postage).

    • Then the software will sort your addresses by putting them in the correct order for the post office. It will take all of your addresses from each area and put them into groups to be sent to each area's post office. For example, mail to sunny St. Petersburg, FL will be separate from Juneau, Alaska.

    • Once it sorts your addresses, it will give you a postage total. Depending on where your mail is going and whether it's Standard or First-Class, you can see a savings in postage of up to 27.5 cents each!

  • Once your list has gone through the Post Office's "magic" sorting and you have a postage total, your printing can be addressed.

  • It's addressed by a large specialized inkjet printer with special high-speed print heads and lights and dryers to make the ink stick to your glossy mail.

  • After it gets an address, it goes into a special tray from the post office.

  • Once the tray is full, it gets a sleeve and a strap to keep it closed.

  • Finally, your mail goes to the special bulk mail unit of the post office.


Pricing is $75 set up + $0.10/each. Minimum $200. Price includes envelopes.

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